Thursday, April 21, 2011

Heat Sensor - Fire Detector Pyroelectric

Detect the presence of fire in the world of electronics can be done by detecting changes in temperature, the presence of UV ultraviolet rays and infrared light IR. Heat Sensor pyroelectric detectors Eltec E442-3 is a heat sensor (fire) that detect the presence of infrared ray IR, and therefore often called IR-EYE.

These sensors form of Lithium Tantalate pyroelectric parallel opposed dual element high gain detector with integrated analog signal processing. These sensors can detect heat changes from -40 to +70 degrees Celsius without change siginfikan of noise and sensitivity.

To use heat sensor pyroelectric detectors Eltec E442-3, it can take a kind of cone is covered with a fresnel lens to focus the direction of the infrared ray IR. Heat sensors then pyroelectric detectors Eltec E442-3 inserted into the cone is then connected to the microcontroller. Analog output value signals which when detects heat, the sensor will cause a drastic change in output voltage.

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