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Direction Sensor - CMPS03

Direction Sensor - CMPS03
CMPS03 Compass Module Overview
Compass is a tool for navigation for a direction, a direction in this article referred to is the magnetic module CMPS03 Compas. Magnetic Compass Module CMPS03 often used in making robots in the contest.

Magnetic Compass Module Functions in the contest  CMPS03 usually to provide a reference where the robots are in position and lead anywhere, then the position and direction provided by the Magnetic Compass Module reference sebgai CMPS03 the next robot motion. Magnetic Compass Module uses I2C data communication lines to mirokontroler. With adalanya I2C data communication lines from this CMPS03 this module can be connected directly to a microcontroller that suport with I2C data communication channels such as AVR ATMega. Magnetic Compass Module CMPS03 require 5 V voltage with 15mA current.

Direction Sensor - CMPS03
CMPS03 Circuit Diagram

Because the module using I2C Magnetic Compass CMPS03 we can use 5 lines are:
VCC + 5 V on pin 1
SCL with Pull Up resistor 10 K
SDA with Pull Up resistor 10 K
Calibrate the PIN associated with micro switch 6
Ground on PIN9

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