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Basic devices in the car audio system

car amplifier
Entertainment in the form of music, news or even movies, generated from a series of audio devices found in a car. The series device known as a car audio system.
What tool or device contained in car audio system?

  • Car Head Unit - Head unit is the core of a car audio system, part of the car audio system that plays sound. The continued development of technology makes the head unit is no longer only serve as a radio receiver FM / AM CD player and a player, some have additional functions to be able to play MP3s. There is also a car head unit that has the ability to play DVDs complete with monitors and can be connected with IPOD.
  • Power Amplifier - The function of the power amplifier is to amplify the signal coming out of the head unit. In the world of various types of car audio power amplifiers are divided into several classes, such as class A, B, AB, and D. Each class power amplifier has the advantage that its usefulness can be tailored to our needs in building a car audio system. In addition to class division, the division of power amplifiers can also be seen from the number of channels (channels) and the amount of power generated by the power amplifier.
  • Speaker - A device that functions convert electronic signals into audible sound. The speakers were divided into several parts / components, namely, subwoofers, woofers, mid-range, and tweeter. In order for speakers to work properly, required a series of electronic components that serves as a filter (cross over).
  • Processor - With advances in technology processors play a significant role in a car system. Inside there is a processor features like time correction, cross-over-active, etc. equalizer. With the functions it will be very easy at the time of 'tuning' car audioaudio system.

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