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Basic Automatic Day-Night Lamp with LDR

Automatic Day-Night Lamp wit LDR
Basic Automatic Day-Night Lamp with LDR

Maybe it's a lot who know how to work this one series, but I wanted to share back to the beginner on this. In the existing lighting circuit automatic lights that use components LDR (Light Dependence Resistor).

The workings of LDR LDR is exposed to light if the layer of the resistance was weakened likewise if there is no light at all resistance enlarged. here could make friends like that, because its components are a little easy but we will use the 220V AC voltage of course you must be very careful. Rather than actually being burnt. The author asks to be careful for the beginner course.

Basic Automatic Day-Night Lamp with LDR
Schematic LDR

LDR components can be interconnected with a cable, so tools stay in the house but LDR is outside the home. It is recommended using qualified Relay no1 to avoid fire, because the relays are cheap to produce heat. Relay that cheap is not in use for high voltage. Travonya use the cheap, because this circuit does not require large currents. The function of Potensio 500KΩ to regulate Q1 & Q2 is on, if both the active transistor relay also participate actively.

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