Sunday, April 17, 2011

Audio peak indicator circuit

Audio peak indicator circuit
The existence of the peak indicator (Audio Peak Indicator) in an audio device is needed. Audio Peak indicator is a simple circuit to detect the peak level of audio signal. Audio Peak indicator circuit is built with duabuah transistor and LED indicator as peak level detection of audio signals. 

The main function of a series of Audio Peak indicator is to determine the occurrence of the peak level of audio signal which is more than +4 dB, equivalent to 1.25 V rms. If the received audio signal Audio Peak Indicator more than +4 dB was the LEDs in series Peak Audio This indicator will light. Audio Peak indicator circuit is mounted on the output audio system.

audio peak indicator schematics
Audio peak indicator
Audio Peak Indicator Component List:
R1 = 10Kohm
R2 = 1.2Kohm
R3 = 220Kohm
R4 = 4.7Kohm
R5 = 4.7Kohm
C1 = 47uF 25V
C2 = 2.2uF 25V
Q1 = BC550C
Q2 = BC550C
D1 = Red Led

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