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Accelerometer Sensor

Accelerometer Sensor
Sensor Accelerometer MMA 3201 is a sensor used to measure the acceleration of motion of the payload when the payload was launched until the payload is delivered to the home again, Sensor Accelerometer MMA 3201 has a resistance to the gravitational force of 20g on the axis X and axis Y.

Sensor Output Accelerometer MMA 3201 is still in the form of analog data so that the need for an ADC to process the data. Data released by Sensor Accelerometer MMA 3201 is a linear form of X and Y axis, the second determines the acceleration motion data payload.

Accelerometer Sensor
Accelerator sensor with MMA 3201

Feature Sensor Accelerometer MMA 3201
  • Sensitivity in two separate axes: 40g X-axis and 40g Y-axis
  • Integral Signal Conditioning
  • Linear Output
  • Ratiometric Performance
  • 4th Order Bessel Filter Preserves Pulse Shape Integrity
  • Calibrated Self-test
  • Low Voltage Detect, Clock Monitor, and EPROM Parity Check status
  • Transducer Hermetically Sealed at Wafer Level for Superior Reliability
  • Robust Design, High Shocks Survivability

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