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50W audio amplifier with IC's

50W amplifier circuitschematic
The above amplifier circuit based on IC is STK075G, and another equation that is STK084G, STK085, STK086G. and among ic I mentioned that I recommend using ic high supply voltage and high output power and good quality. You can see every ic datasheet at above. Supply voltage between 20 to 55 Volt DC.
Part List
R1 = 1K
R2 = 100R
R3 = 100R
R4 = 4.7R
R5 = 56K
R6 = 47R
C1 = 1uF
C2 = 470pF
C3 = 100uF
C4 = 100uF
C5 = 1800pF
C6 = 1uF
C7 = 1800pF
C8 = 0.047uF
C9 = 100uF
U1 = STK075G,  STK084G, STK085, STK086G

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