Sunday, April 10, 2016

35 Watt power amplifier with STK4065

35W amplifier schematic
Amplifier circuit using ic STK4065 above that which the power amplifier circuit uses only ic, or also could be called this series do not have equality in the use of ic. Power amplifier output power 35 Watt supplied with a voltage of 13.5 volts DC. Impedance of the output is 8 ohms. that can be applied to the speaker subwoofer, woofer, and fullrange.

Component list :
R1 = 2,2R
R2 = 2,2R
C1 = 1uF
C2 = 100uF
C3 = 100uF
C4 = 220uF
C5 = 470uF
C6 = 0.47uF
C7 = 220uF
C8 = 33pF
C9 = 220uF
C10 = 33pF
C11 = 0.47uF
U1 = STK4065

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