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35 Ampere Power Supply

35 Ampere Power Supply
To make 12Volt 35 Amp Power Supply such as those titles can using LM7812 voltage regulator as the regulator 12 Volt DC and as a power supply can use transistor  TIP2955 .

Series Power Supply 12Volt 35 Amp uses 6 units TIP2955 type power regulator transistors. I use a type MJ2955 TIP2955 not because packaging TIP2955 easier to install heatsink. The series 12Volt 35 Amp Power Supply can be loaded up to 35A depending on the travo which we attach. The series 12Volt 35 Amp Power Supply is very simple, because the voltage regulators make use of IC7812 which will leave a power regulator alone. For more details, series 12Volt 35 Amp Power Supply can be seen in thethe following figure .

12Volt 35 Ampere
12Volt 35Ampere schematic

If want the maximum currents up to 35A not only reduced the live circuit TIP2955nya power regulator, no need to 6 levels as seen in the image series 35 Ampere Power Supply 12Volt above.

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