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15-Volt Stabilizer circuit

15 volt stabilizer schematicIn this time I will share about the circuit voltage stablizer or stabilization using IC 7815 and 7915, with a minimum of 17.5V to 50V input. The output of this circuit will issue with the current 15V voltage in accordance with the input. Stabilizer is also equipped with reinforcement by transistor 2N3055 and MJ2955.

15V stabilizer circuit schematic
15-volt stabilizer schematics
Part List :
D1 - D4 use 3A diode
C1 - C2 use Capacitor Elco with capacity 4700uF - 10000uF 80V
C3 - C6 use Capacitor Elco with capacity 470uF - 2200uF 50V
Q1 2N3055
Q2 MJ2955
IC 7815 and 7915

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