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Switching power suplly for color television circuit

Schematic diagram of switching power supply for color television , which can used on a particular color TV, how it works using the switching transformer and switching transistors. At first voltage AC220V entry through the capacitor and resistor, and then immediately rectified AC voltage by 4 diodes and capacitor given on each diode.

After a DC voltage then passes through a capacitor elco in parallel , and into the circuit and the voltage is lowered by the switching transformer. After the voltage is lowered and then was rectified and filtered again in the after circuit, the output voltage is set up on their own. For output +5V and +12V using ic stabilization 7805 and 7812.

Switching power suplly for color television circuit
To use circuit switching power supply can be used on the same output voltage. If the circuit is working you should never ever touch the live area , because of the high-voltage section. And if the circuit has stopped working , do not forget to remove the voltage on the capacitor electrolyte, by linking the two legs to the lamp or solder. After the voltage is completely lost , the circuit is already safe and avoid danger.

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