Thursday, March 24, 2016

Power supply suitable for high power amplifier

The Power supply circuit suitable with high power amplifier is well designed for large power amplifier circuit and amplifier circuit also requires protection quickly enough so as not to damage because of the power supply is less than the maximum performance or because of a short-circuit on a series of power supply and amplifier. Power supply circuit suitable with high power amplifier is equipped with a fuse, with earth protective chassis. So save on the amplifier and voltage shock to the chassis. In addition to the Power supply circuit suitable with high power amplifier the hum of voices issued almost non-existent because of the high frequency transformer has been issued because of grounded disappeared.
power supply for high power amplifier
 In a multichannel amplifier, power supply will fell into one of three types. In order rising costs, and expected decreases the interaction between the channels, namely:

1. Transformer, rectifiers, and reservoir capacitors are shared between channels.

2. Each channel has its own transformer secondary, rectifiers, and reservoirs. There is one
transformer core and primary, but only together.

3. Each channel has its own transformer, rectifiers, and reservoirs. Nothing except perhaps that electricity and electrical switch split.

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