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IC Power Amplifier with OT Trafo

This amplifier circuit uses IC and Trafo OT as an additional amplifier in the output. You can use the transformer output transformer-old has not used but still in good condition, you can use it in this circuit. For this amplifier IC used is M51503L, this ic has a voltage limit of up to 7 volts only and a minimum of the incoming voltage about 2 volts. Actual output issued from the IC is 0.2 Watts, but once applied to the circuit maximum output of about 5.3 Watts.

IC Power Amplifier with Output Transformer Circuit Diagram
IC Power Amplifier with Output Transformer
Part List :

R1 = 75R
R2 = 330R

C1 = 1uF
C2 = 47uF
C3 = 100uF
C4 = 0.33uF
C5 = 0.47uF

T1 = Transformer Output OT240

IC1 = M51503L

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