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Handy Headset amplifier via USB

Handy Headset amplifier via USB is a circuit that is used to add a gain on the headset, which is used on a computer headset. Indeed not only on a computer course in all the headset could also, but in this circuit voltage to utilize voltage supply issued on a PC or laptop via USB. So you need not bother looking for supply voltage, you just take it from USB , so this headset amplifier is very handy.

Handy Headset Amplifier Based on IC 4558 , below the schematic diagram :
headset amplifier via usb circuit
Part List :

R1 = 20K
R2 = 10K
R3 = 10K

C1 = 3u3F 50V
C2 = 100pF

D1 = 1N4148
D2 = 1N4148
D3 = 1N4148
D4 = 1N4148

U1 = JRC4558

Connector X1
1 = Output
2 = Input
3 = Ground

Connector X2
1 = V+ 5V from USB
2 = Ground From USB

headset amplifier PCB design
PCB design Views