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Echo effect with IC PT2399 & 4558

Echo Effect is an electronic circuit that is used to delay sound or make an echo in an audio circuit . Using a circuit of echo is easy enough , we just set on the volume, and gain and trimpot near is rate of 20 K ohm to adjust how the desired echoes. This echo circuit using ic 4558D for additional amplifier and ic PT2399 as a based component that serves to echo , or repeat the sound output on the audio system.
echo repeater schematic
Echo effect with IC PT2399 & 4558 Circuit Diagram
How to use it as follows :
That is initially given the output of the mic input or other equipment. Then turn down the volume, and slowly raised, setting echo effect on the trimpot 20K. If not check back for the damaged to the circuit.

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  1. dear i have a PCB board of an amp with CD2399gp ic and it has mic in plug but there are 11 pins which is confusing me will please help me to get the output of speaker and the voltage input, im not an electrical engineer but please help me to get this.... please reply me with email id so i can attach the image ...anybody here to help me....