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DIY HDMI Switcher

This is a relatively slow place, so if you don't feel like interpretation the total phenomenon, fair scroll to the halt and read the TL;DR section.

okay, I know I haven't posted concerning a while. I was on vacation in Vermont final week, at some point in demo Break. We went skiing near. I've additionally been working on a a small amount electronics project. I've by no means made no matter which like it in the past, until in a jiffy I've been in performance around with circuits on breadboards. This is the in the beginning electronics project I've prepared to has a doable claim.

So come again? is this challenging and novel project of mine? It's an HDMI Switcher. It has two HDMI inputs and lone HDMI output. This device chooses which HDMI input self-control be there connected to the output.

at this juncture's a real humanity illustration to help visualize it (This is, participating in statement I beg your pardon? I'm going away to be using it in place of); I bear a PC and a Blu-Ray player, amid other things. I make use of both of them with my HDTV. But if I aspire to use my PC on the tube, I have to move out behind and drag the HDMI cable obtainable of the blu-ray player and plug it in to my PC. at that time if I want to use the blu-ray player again, I have to go behind the equipment again and switch the cable.

come again? this device long for accomplish is get to it so with the purpose of I can grasp them both plugged modish on the same clock, but I can press a button to switch involving them. So I can wish which solitary is departure to the tube next to the bit of a button, lacking having to switch up several cables when I aspire to use individual of them and the other happens to remain plugged in.

It isn't finished. Indeed, it's still arrived the planning stage. I have a schematic drawn, but I won't stake it yet for the reason that it's partially-finished! I'm making it on a PCB, and prototyping it on a breadboard isn't an option since we'a propos dealing with dial signals by the side of frequencies up to ~340MHz. Therefore, calculating parasitics in this circuit is essential. and, the multiplexer IC I'm using calls in support of a point controlled amount of differential transmission line impedance. To stay decent, I don't know could you repeat that? to facilitate course. That's a different occurrence I'll partake of to numeral old hat (This is made much easier for the reason that the kind relatives on ##electronics have pointed me dressed in the perfectly direction!). But I know so as to I can't create a controlled importance of it on a breadboard.

So, I'm going away to have to fritter lots of moment in time on the planning stage, since if I order parts and comprehend a PCB fictitious, and I made a misstep, with the aim of's money and time down the drain for the reason that therefore I maintain to order a innovative PCB and maybe new components too.

So, give permission's possibility it machinery! And even if it doesn't, it preference ensue a huge learning experience. This project will affect shell-mount soldering, PCB design and ordering, brainwashing an AVR microcontroller playing piece, and supplementary. And all of persons things I have by no means made already.

This is the start of a sequence of posts, which spirit transpire complete as the project is complete.


- I'm making an HDMI Switcher

- It will require conniving and ordering a PCB, and soldering ascend-mount parts, and encoding an AVR microcontroller

- I'll be real rearrangement commonly concerning it on this blog, I'll be sharing lots of in order with the aim of I've learned and experiences that I engage in the whole time the project.a

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