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Car power amplifier with TA82010AH

IC TA8210AH is ic often used in amplifiers used in the room but also match for car power amplifier, It is suitable for power amplifiers car speakers taht fit and wear ell, surely this amplifier circuit works with a maximum also high quality. Supply voltage is not too high , only 12 VDC and is also good at high current. For high current amplifier power of the stronger . You can use the batteries that have current 10 A or higher . Power output up to 200W stereo with 8 Ohm impedance.

Car power amplifier with TA82010AH

Part List :

R1 =1K
R2 =50K trim
R3 =1K
R4 =50K trim
R5 =680R
R6 =680R
R7 =150K
R8 =2R2
R9 =2R2
C1 =1uF
C2 =1uF
C3 =47uF
C4 =47uF
C5 =100n/400V
C6 =220uF
C7 =220uF
C8 =100n/400V
C9 =100n/400V
X2-3=in R
X2-1=in L
X1-1,X1-2=Out R
X1-3,X1-4=Out L

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