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Audio amplifier with IC TA7203P

Stereo power amplfier with TA7203P , is suitable for the room your car , your car it will build an increasingly crowded and felt like using high-class amplifiers and speakers. Simply using this circuit and some speaker subwoofer speakers you can enjoy it.

Audio amplifier with IC TA7203P Circuit Diagram

Audio amplifier with IC TA7203P

Technical information Audio amplifier with IC TA7203P :
Max voltage = 20 Volt
Min voltage = 8 Volt
Max output  = 2 x 40 Watt
RL               = 8 Ohm

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3 comments for "Audio amplifier with IC TA7203P"

  1. nice info, the schematic is very suitable with me.

  2. kindly post the pin out......,,,

  3. you can search on any pin out ic from data sheet ic source