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Capacitor leakage circuit tester

Generally capacitor that complement with television circuit is often leaked. Consequently spots more rugged display disturbing images running. This is not desired by the owner is not it? For those who know about electronics is certainly a problem. They will find the cause and trying to fix it. For it is not uncommon to use multitester a a search tool damage. But for those who do not have a tool that becomes an obstacle . However , for those of you who enetered last category do not sad because they can assemble their own tester. This tool is very simple but very sensitive to the leackage of a capacitor.
diode leackage tester
Part List


C1____________________________10uF 150V
C2____________________________10uF 150V

Lamp__________________________Fluorescent Lamp

How to test the capacitor which is in the television circuit or the other device are a follows :
  • The early circuit of television or other is turned on. Then look at the picture on the screen (for television) . If the images on television rough then opened the real pole. Then the jack that connects the fluorescent lamp is connected to negative leg. If the light is on or blinking so the capacitor is in good condition. But that does not turn mean capacitor is damaged.
  • Next soldering in place. Remove capacitor legged leg positive. Connect the cable from the switch . The the switch is pressed. Contacs occur between the components with each other previously linked. When the fluorescent lamp is lit, we can be sure the capacitor is still good. And if otherwise , capcitor is damaged.

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