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6V to 220V inverter schematic

This 6V to 220V inverter Circuit schematic is one of the voltage inverter circuit, starting from 6-Volt input on the DC current into 220-volt AC output. For maximum output power up to 30W only, and is also very small voltage current. Input voltage plus the entrance on the transistor Q2 to provide the voltage at the collector and then go on Circumference transformer L1 and enter the base. Emitter will be merged with voltage supplied L2 min. And LED1 is useful as an indicator of whether or not an inverter works especially on the transistor Q2.

6V to 220V schematic circuit diagram
Part List :
R1 = 1K R
R2 = 220R
C1 = 10nF
C2 = 100nF
C3 = 47nF
C4 = 0,22uF 400V
Q1 = 2N5551
Q2 = C5198
LED1 use Green Led

Transformer instruction :
cara membuat trafo step up
The above is figure from a place  plastic for copper wire wrapped around, you can also use the marks that have been unused transformer. For the above number are :
1 : Place for copper wire wrapped,with a diameter of 12mm x 10mm.
2 : Hole to place an iron or ferrite rod , with diameter 10mm.
inverter 6V ke 220V
3 : Copper wire that has been rolled.
4 : Ferrite or iron rods which are mounted on the hole.

To coil L1 as much as 70 times,  L2 200 times,  And L3 as much as 1000 times.
L1 wire diameter 1mm
L2 wire diameter 0.8mm
L3 wire diameter 0.4 mm

Make it this project :D

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