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3V to High voltage inverter

This High Voltage inverter, Inverter circuit on basic of really taking a series of mosquito racket, a racket in which these mosquitoes require only a low voltage. With only 3 Volts course of this series has been able to work. Circuit is raising the voltage by a transformer that can be made yourself with the need of copper wire and ferrite rods.

high voltage inverter
How to making a transformer like that 12Volt Fuorescent lamp, but this circuit requires a step-up transformer that are larger and require a lot of coils. This transformer is controlled by a transistor semiconductor 24D506 in this series. To output issued until 1KV or more but issued is very low amperage. This circuit can also be used in fluorescent lamps 10W maximum. When used in fluorescent lamps add another capacitor to the voltage for provoke can turn on the lights.
Part List :

R1____1K5 Ω
R2____4K3 Ω
R3____22M Ω

C2____100n  400V
C3____0.2uF 400V


Q1___ 24D506

L1___#100 turns
L2___#100 turns
L3___#1000 turns
Making transformer like here.

high voltage inverter circuit
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  1. Did you just made your own.. transformer or bought it?

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