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Transistor quality checker

Transistor are the components that have never missed on any electronic circuit . To determine whether the quality is still good or is damaged then need for testing of the transistor . This test is needed before it is installed in an electronic circuit to avoid disappointing results in the future. Thus , all transistors are mounted has been declared unsuitable for use . Please note that the damage was not located from the transistors can not stand the temperature is too hot . Therefore emphasized here for use tongs as a heat barrier when soldering each feet transistor. Transistor quality checker circuit diagram :

Transistor quality checker Circuit

Part List Transistor checker tool:
R3=Resistor with adjustable  to the current
Vr1=10K trim
Q1=Transistor socket
S1=Saklar on/off
G1=3V battery

To facilitate testing , the provided holes for the third feet on the transistor Q1. At thefoot of the emitter is connected to the battery (+). Base associated with Vr1, and the collectors associated with R2. The voltage (-) that enter the R3 give amp Meter to check quality of the transistor.

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