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TDA2822 made for 5.1 audio amplifier system

Circuit combination of the 3 IC TDA2822  above can be used for small project 5.1 audio power amplifier system with low power output . The input signal used is analog signal not digital (SPDIF) , so it needed some input to the jack input. The speakers are suitable for use have impedance 8 Ohms , and with power 4 Watt, to Left , Right , Rear pair , center , and subwoofer speakers. To run this circuit , is also required circuit for volume control as tone control.

TDA2822 made for 5.1 audio amplifier system

Component and technical Information :
C1-C6 : 220uF/25V
C7-C9 : 47uF/16 V
IC       : TDA2822 x3
CON-1: VCC +12volts DC
CON-2: Ground
CON-3: Left Speaker
CON-4: Right Speaker
CON-5: Rear Speaker
CON-6: Rear Speaker
CON-7: Center Speaker
CON-8: Subwoofer Speaker
X1-2:Subwoofer Input
X1-3:Center Input
X1-4:Rear Input
X1-5:Rear Input
X1-6:Right Input
X1-7:Left Input

See this Printed circuit board below:
 5.1 audio amplifier system

circuit and PCB Design use Cadsoft Eagle Software