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Fish caller electronics

For those of you who like fishing, this Fish caller electronics circuit is very suitable for you implement, because it can call the fish and collect a lot of fish so it is easy to provocation and get a lot of fish. Vibrations are excluded from this circuit reaches a distance of several meters in a circle. You can use the river, of where many fish that are easy to find except at sea the waves are fast , so this circuit will not work because it lost by the waves of the sea .Actually , can also be used at sea was calm but the water should not be too choppy.

Fish caller electronics circuit
Part List:
C1   = 10nF
C2   = 47uF/16V
VR1= 5K
R2   = 470R
S1    = Switch On/off
Q1   = BC160
T1   = Transformator Output (OT)
G1  = 3V battery

How to use  the Fish caller circuit :
Ater the circuit is finished and sounds biased, then put inside the bottle and sealed for later when inserted in the water is not damged. After the circuit was put into bottles and then put into water, wait several seconds after the switch on/off button. After this circuit work the fish will come and surround this tool. And when it's like that then it's time to fishing.