Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Creating a stereo amplifier with TDA2003

Creating a stereo amplifier with TDA2003
Here I make a stereo power amplifier with IC TDA2003, but actually i made it with 2 IC , so that a stereo amplifier . Construction is very simple and easy. I only need 2 TDA2003 mono amplifier circuit , and then combined into one. see TDA2003 Amplifier Circuit

Then the transformer ,  the transformer that i use here is the transformer 10A , so that the power released is greater. Grid power amplifier using the former from the box 10A adaptor , :-) decent can still be used . To view the location of components inside the box , see below :

TDA2003 Power Amplifier

TDA2003 Power Amplifier circuit

TDA2003 Power Amplifier circuit schematic

Simple TDA2003 Power Amplifier

Top - Right

This amplifier is very good if using a transformer 10A, issued no buzzing sound , and strong for high bass . For tone control using Simple Tone Control Powerfull Bass


  1. cool! im also has make 1 of this, but i just using single tda2003 and make it as small as possible to fit into a small metal case. it work grade but my power supply just only 12V 1A output... . do u have any idea to step-up the ampere without replace the transformer ?

  2. no i hav'nt idea to step up the ampere without replace transformer... if you use the 5A is great..

  3. LOL... 5A transformer is too big for me to portable.... need more internet search... thx!!


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