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Creating a stereo amplifier with TDA2003

Creating a stereo amplifier with TDA2003
Here I make a stereo power amplifier with IC TDA2003, but actually i made it with 2 IC , so that a stereo amplifier . Construction is very simple and easy. I only need 2 TDA2003 mono amplifier circuit , and then combined into one. see TDA2003 Amplifier Circuit

Then the transformer ,  the transformer that i use here is the transformer 10A , so that the power released is greater. Grid power amplifier using the former from the box 10A adaptor , :-) decent can still be used . To view the location of components inside the box , see below :

TDA2003 Power Amplifier

TDA2003 Power Amplifier circuit

TDA2003 Power Amplifier circuit schematic

Simple TDA2003 Power Amplifier

Top - Right

This amplifier is very good if using a transformer 10A, issued no buzzing sound , and strong for high bass . For tone control using Simple Tone Control Powerfull Bass

3 comments for "Creating a stereo amplifier with TDA2003"

  1. cool! im also has make 1 of this, but i just using single tda2003 and make it as small as possible to fit into a small metal case. it work grade but my power supply just only 12V 1A output... . do u have any idea to step-up the ampere without replace the transformer ?

  2. no i hav'nt idea to step up the ampere without replace transformer... if you use the 5A is great..