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Power Amplifier with IC STK0039

Power amplifier circuit using ic stk 0039 the output of which was issued in this circuit only 35watts maximum, but the sound can be issued harsh , loud , and clear. If the voltage is fit and clean , how to assembly , components are good , the right speakers , this circuit will definitely make a sound that good to hear the ear.
See audio amplifier circuit  below :

power amplifier Stk0039
Technical Information :
Vcc Max = 45V
Vcc TYP = 30V
Po            = 35W
RL           = 8Ohm
Icco TYP = 40mA
Icco Max = 80mA
I Max      = 10A
STK Power amplifier circuit
The amplifier can use to : tuner , subwoofer surround amplifier , surround amplifier , subwoofer system , car amplifier , PC amplifier , DVD/CD amplifier , Room amplifier . Because this amplifier good quality amplifier circuit.
power amplifeir STK

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  1. what class amp is this configuration with the stk0039?