Saturday, August 06, 2016

1200W High Power Amplifier 2SA1216 and 2SC2922

This 1200W power amplifier circuit with sanken using a booster ( final transistor ) 8 sets sanken 2SA1216 and 2SC2922, buffer using transistor D400 and B560 as much 2 sets , and to use part of the driver transistor B546/A940 and D401/C2168. 1200W power amplifier with sanken have least 20 volts and the voltage to 70 volts maximum with asymmetric voltage. 1200W power amplifier with sanken Power Output 2 X 600 Watt with 8 Ohm Impedance.

1200W power amplifier with sanken
Circuit audio power amplifier 600W mono 1200W to stereo
1200 Watt amplifier circuit, For transformer using 10 Ampere up to 20 Ampere, if you need more loud this 1200W amplifier circuit, you can replace resistor 2k2 with 1k ohm. But replacing the resistor 2k2 may can transistor driver to hot faster. Use with best quality components for your best sound output.
1200W Power Amplifier [VIDEO]

PCB Design 1200 Watt power amplifier circuit
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1200W power amplifier with sanken PCB
Circuit of PCB so from 2  X 600 watts (looked down)

1200W power amplifier with sanken Layout
Circuit of PCB (looked up)
Updated clear schematic 1200W Power Amplifier Circuit and component list
Schematic diagram 1200W Power Amplifier Circuit and component list

High Power Amplifier 1200W circuit

1200W High Power Amplifier

How to Make High Power Amplifier circuit

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the booster circuit use sanken , sanken was nice indeed.

this circuit is so great..

this circuit is so powerful and cheaper than other circuits

it's really interesting to be trying..

is there any ckt diagram for this???