Saturday, November 05, 2016

Complete Subwoofer Filter Circuit TL072

Here is my experience in designing and building a subwoofer. And I share my other project subwoofer filter but using IC 4558, Subwoofer Module 4558.
in this subwoofer filter, first at important parts is the active circuit filter 40 Hz, 12dB / Octave slope with a dual-ic opamp TL072 and several other passive components. The circuit details are as follows:

Complete Subwoofer Filter Circuit TL072

 The subwoofer filter frequency response is as follows:

subwoofer filter frequency

The PCB design and its layout:

pcb design and its layout

Electronic Circuit is a good site for hobbyist also who would like to try DIY because it shared good circuits. If you have a personalized circuit requirement you may feel free to request it through the comment box or contact me.