Sunday, July 31, 2016

IC 4558 Galaksi Circuit

The circuit uses IC 4558 galaksi that is much in demand fellow who likes to assemble audio.
IC circuit that rely IC 4558, in which there are two amplifiers or the popular term is that there are two op-amps.

IC 4558 Galaksi Circuit Diagram

IC 4558 Galaksi Circuit Diagram

This galaksi circuit its same as stereo tone booster. By combining a series of HPF (High Pass Filter) and LPF (Low Pass Filter) is expected to be boosting high tone (HPF) and low tone (LPF).
This circuit works quite capable to vibrate the hearing room mate reader. And with a very high tone tinkling.

 PCB Galaksi 4558

Galaksi 4558

Video 4558 Galaksi PCB design 

In Indonesian the above circuit is very popular to boost tone and enhancing audio performance. The circuit need voltage supply about 12V - 15VDC to operate it. If you need enhancing and boost your audio tone , this circuit is match for you.

OCL 150 Watt with 2N3055 and MJ2955

This is OCL 150 W mono audio amplifier circuit using transistor booster 2N3055 and MJ2955 , with impedance 8 Ohms. The supply voltage using 25 volt DC with triple voltage + ,- ,ground. see below this circuit :
Buffer amplifier use PNP transistor is A564 / A733 /A1013 and NPN use D400 / D438. Driver Amplifier use NPN transistor is TIP31 / TIP41 / D401, and PNP transistor use TIP32 / TIP42 / B546. For the transistor booster or end , here I use a 2 x 20355 and MJ2955 . This anplifier is recomended to full range speakers. See pcb line and construction audio amplifier below :

OCL 150 Watt with 2N3055 and MJ2955
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OCL 150 Watt with 2N3055 and MJ2955 pcb
PCB line
kit pcb OCL 150 Watt with 2N3055 and MJ2955
Components are already installed

kit pcb OCL 150 Watt with 2N3055 and MJ2955

See Also this video Power Amplifier OCL150W

The booster amplifier already installed oCL 150 W
The booster amplifier already installed.

5 Channel Equalizer Using IC LA3600

After my previous post about "3 Channel Equalizer Using LM324", I will share the schematic circuit 5 Channel Equalizer using a potentiometer. Unlike the previous equalizer circuit, where the circuit 5 channel equalizer using IC LA3600 as the main amplifier and tone processing, assisted by some circuits support such as diodes, capacitors and resistors. Here's a circuit schematic of its

5 Channel Equalizer Using IC LA3600 Circuit Diagram

5 Channel Equalizer Using IC LA3600
The above-mentioned series require a power supply voltage of DC12 Volt. The voltage required is not so great, but to be considered, in order to have output with clear sound output and quality needed a clean power supply voltage is regulated properly. Use the power supply circuit 7812 to stabilize input voltage equalizer circuit.

For the tone settings contained in 5 pieces potentiometer, arranged neatly on the PCB layout below. The frequency of the tone equalizer settings ranging from 108Hz to 108kHz. The circuit I've tested, and running normally. If you want to make I have prepared PCB layout design to facilitate you assemble the circuit's 5 Channel Equalizer.

PCB Design Layout

PCB Design 5 Channel Equalizer Using IC LA3600
Or you can see this video PCB Design Layout :