Sunday, January 30, 2011

IC AN214 Audio Power Amplifier

See the circuit IC AN214 Audio Power Amplifier below:

IC AN214 Audio Power Amplifier

Datasheet IC AN214
Vcc                = 6-18 V
Pout               = 4,4W
RL                  = 4 Ohm
Ft                   = 50hz - 17Khz
Icco                = 20 mA
Package         = SIP2-9
Manufactered = MATSHUSHITA

See Other Power Amplifier Circuit

Audio Amplifier Circuit with IC TDA2030

This schematic is great for those of you who frequent of use IC TDA2030. In addition to the simple schematic  is also very clear , in modification accurate enough to make a sound that is more clear, soft , and loud. And if you interest to try this schematic.
See this circuit , datsheet ic TDA2030 and TDA 2040 below :

Audio Amplifierw Circuit with IC TDA2030

Datasheet IC TDA2030
Vcc                = 6-18 V
Pout               = 14 W
RL                  = 4 Ohm
Ft                   = 20hz - 20Khz
Icco                = 40 mA
Package         = TO-220
Manufactered = TELEFUNKEN

Datasheet IC TDA2040
Vcc                = 3-20 V
Pout               = 20 W
RL                  = 4 Ohm
Ft                   = 20hz - 20Khz
Icco                = 40 mA
Package         = TO-220
Manufactered = PHILIPS

Equivalent IC TDA 2030 or TDA2040, In this circuit you can use the following IC :
or you can call, Equation IC TDA2030  / TDA2040

TBA810 Audio Power Amplifier

Circuit Audio Amplifer with IC TBA810
See this Circuit Below:
Datasheet IC TBA 810
Vcc                = 4-20 V
Pout               = 7 W
RL                 = 4 Ohm
Ft                   = 30-18 Khz
Icco               = 13 mA
Package         = TABS3-12
Manufactered = ITT

TBA810 Audio Power Amplifier circuit diagram

other IC TBA 810 , In this circuit you can use the following IC 

Equivalent IC TBA810

Circuit Audio Amplifer with IC 5G37

 Himm.,.,. I just  get this schematic on my mind . This Circuit require voltage supply minimum voltage is 6 Volt and maximum voltage is 12 V . You can  use voltage betwen 6 - 12 volt. Output speaker is mono with power 0,7 watt and impedance 8 Ohm.
See below this Circuit and datasheet IC 5G37 :

Circuit Audio Amplifer with IC TBA 611

 This Circuit require voltage  4,5 to 15 Volt. I recomended to this circuit supply with 12 volt . Output audio is mono with power 1 Watt.
See this circuit and datasheet IC TBA611 below:

IC 5G37 Power amplifier

IC 5G37 Power amplifier circuit diagram

Technical information
IC 5G37 Power amplifier
Datasheet IC 5G37
Vcc                = 6-12 V
Pout               = 0,4 W
RL                 = 8 Ohm
Ft                   = 40-17 Khz
Icco               = 15 mA
Package         = TABS1-14
Manufactered = China

Friday, January 07, 2011

Low Cost Phone Battery Charger

Mobile phone , phone battery chargers on hand wearing the souk are quite expensive. This circuit presented at juncture comes so a low-cost alternative to charge cellular phone telephones/battery packs with a rating of 7.2 volts.

Low Cost Phone Battery Charger Circuit Diagram Schematic
Low Cost Phone Battery Charger Circuit

Mini Subwoofer 5 -6" Bandpass 4th Order Isobaric

The order of 4 or sealed rear chamber bandpass system is essentially a system of watertight enclosures with the addition of an acoustic filter for the driver. The resulting system usually provides a lower cut-off frequency, the compromise that a larger case. The space can be reduced by two drivers in isobaric configuration.

4th-order bandpass systems generally show better able to handle the functions that the other major systems are considered. The transient response and is second only to the sealed enclosure systems, making it a good choice for subwoofer applications.

Since all output 4th order bandpass system is via the port, the largest diameter possible for the port area should be used to minimize noise from the port. The ports must be incinerated where possible, for the same reasons.

Mini Subwoofer 5 -6" Bandpass 4th Order Isobaric
Mini Subwoofer 5 -6" Bandpass 4th Order Isobaric
4th order Isobaric Subwoofer Box Design

The 4th order bandpass system rarely allows a perfect bandpass response - there is usually an out-of-band noise present in the production. A notch filter can be used simply to reduce the noise as audible. Otherwise, a lowpass filter used in series with the driver, but the in-band response system may be affected if this approach is taken.

As the speaker sound 4th order band pass issued by the openings or ports on the port side of the box, the port noise inevitable.

This unwanted noise can be minimized by a notch filter and the largest diameter possible for the port of the area should definitely be used. Another option is to burn the ports of the 4th order bandpass room as this will certainly help to reduce unwanted extra from the subwoofer.

Specifications :
  • Nominal Basket Diameter 5 "/ 125mm
  • Impedance 8 ohm
  • RMS Power 50 Watts
  • Program Power 100 Watts
  • Frequency response 50Hz - 12.0kHz
  • Sensitivity (1W/1m) 91dB
  • Voice Coil Diameter 1 "/ 25.8mm
  • BL Factor 6.4 N / A
  • Voice Coil Length 14 mm
  • Air Gap Height 6mm
  • X Damage (peak to peak) 20 mm
  • Magnetic Assembly Weight 2.2 lbs / 1.0 kg.
  • Edit Information
  • Diameter 5.28 "/ 134mm x 5.28" / 134mm
  • Bolt Circle Diameter 5.4 "/ 137mm
  • Baffle Cutout Diameter --
  • - Front Mount 4.72 "/ 120mm
  • Many of the 4 mounting holes
  • Volume displaced by driver, 019 m 3 / .5 liter
  • Total Depth 2.68 "/ 68mm
  • Net weight 2.64 lbs / 1.2 kg.
  • Weight 2.8 lbs / 1.27 kg.
  • Materials
  • Basketball aluminum diecast
  • Polypropylene cone
  • Rubber Surround
  • Voice Coil Wire Copper
  • Ferrite
  • Thiele-Small Parameters
  • Resonance Frequency (FS) 60 Hz
  • Impedance (Re) 5.33 ohms
  • Coil Inductance (Le) 0.4 mH
  • Mechanical Q (Qms) 1.604
  • Electrical Factor (Qes) .35
  • Total Q (Qts) .29
  • Comp. Equivalent Vol. (Vas) 35 FT3 / 9.8 Liter
  • Voice Coil Overhang (Xmax) 4.0mm
  • Reference yield 5%
  • Volume Displacement 34 cm3

Saturday, January 01, 2011

555 Timer for DC to DC Converter Circuit

555 Timer for DC to DC Converter
555 Timer for DC to DC Converter

This circuit is called DC TO DC converter circuit.Which increase the voltage circuit.There can be customized to change the output values. When the power supply input to IC1 is the output pin 3 at a frequency of 1 kHz.The frequency is Q1 and Q2, which will continue to use push pool work interchangeably.If this is the positive output signal Q1 Q2 will run the delete function this reason, C2 and C3 capacitors are half-wave alternating.When to use. Voltage from C2 to C3 is discharged out to the input voltage over almost two times less than 2 times due to the loss of diodes D1-D3.