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Subwoofer Home Theater Power Amplifier

Subwoofer Home Theater 150W version
Subwoofer Home Theater 150W

Subwoofer Home Theater Amplifier circuit is designed for subwoofer speaker system that used on Subwoofer system. This circuit using IC LM324 as a based filtering subwoofer signal input and as a buffer its power amplifier. See the circuit diagram below.

Subwoofer Home Theater Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram

On the circuit subwoofer home theater above, I mentioned earlier IC LM324 as a filtered subwoofer and buffer circuit amplifier. For enhancing subwoofer performance you can be adding Subwoofer Booster Circuit 4558 and adding more Final Transistor Amplifier TIP3055 and TIP2955.  

The subwoofer amplifier circuit is a complete power supply, bridge diode, and Capacitor filter. Voltage Supply about 25V AC from Transformer step down with rating minimal 3 Ampere. Output Power About 100W.

For DIY'ers making Subwoofer Home Theater easier, follow this Layout PCB design.

PCB layout Home Theater Power AmplifierLayout Design for Subwoofer Home Theater Power Amplifier

Subwoofer Home Theater 150W circuit diagram:
Schematic Diagram of Subwoofer Home Theater Circuit
Subwoofer Home Theater Layout PCBSubwoofer Home Theater Layout PCBComponent and PCB for Subwoofer Home Theater

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Hi 7294 IC Matching subwoofer network PCB design send me please...

You can combine the TDa7294 with subwoofer filter

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Maybe the power amplifier is protect, is any protect system on your amp?

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