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EasyEDAAbout EasyEDA
EasyEDA is Passionate About Innovation
EasyEDA mission is to help designers move from idea to manufactured prototype faster by providing comprehensive data and collaboration tools for electronic design. Whether you're a hobbyist eager to try out your first project or a seasoned engineer looking for a productivity boost, EasyEDA goal is to take away the tedium in bringing a design to life. EasyEDA would love to hear what you're working on or any ideas on how EasyEDA can help you, so please feel free to email us.

EasyEDA is a cloud-based EDA tool suite which supports open source and working collaboratively.
Tools from EasyEDA include electronic circuit design, circuit simulation using Spice, PCB design and RS-274X (Gerber) and Excellon gerber viewer, all are free.

In short, EasyEDA will bring you an easier EDA experience, letting you enjoy more of the journey from an idea to a product.

Visit our EasyEDA Tools from this link :

Draw Schematic and Board here:

Free Online Gerber Viewer
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