Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Full-bridge IRS20957 Class-D Amplifier

Full-bridge IRS20957 Class-D Amplifier

Here I will share schemes PCB layout and parts list for the power amplifier class-d full-bridge IRS20957s, power amplifier scheme is designed by Mr.Kartino surodipo. By utilizing the Logic inverter CD4049 with two IRS20957 amplifier circuits it can be transformed into a full bridge amplifier circuit.

Following is the full-bridge power amplifier circuit scheme. You can download PDF versions that already have protection and indicators and limiter input.

Schematic Full-bridge IRS20957 Class-D Amplifier

And for the PCB layout, I designed using EasyEDA using SMD components which are still easy to obtain. You can download the part list, Gerber file at the end of the post.

I have tested this amplifier at 70VDC, can output about 1100W RMS at a load of 4 ohms. Enough power can be released by this amplifier with a small amplifier dimension.
Layout Full-bridge IRS20957 Class-D Amplifier

Eurolive Fullbridge build and test


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  1. where is the driver board gerber?

  2. why is there a buffer cicuit namely 2SC5866,2SA2094 on the scematics, while the driver pcb i have ordered has none?, the H0 And Lo of the ic is connected direcly to pin Ho and LO

  3. i removed the totem transistor, its work also. cause the totem is not working

  4. Informative post and nice video
    thanks for posting

  5. Hey, is it possible to link to the EasyEDA file? I would like to use this circuit, but I would like to change some small things, before ordering the pcbs. Kind Regards

    1. no it cant. you can see my newest fullbridge high power amplifier d2K

    2. Elcircuit, and how can you see your latest fullbridge high-power D2k amplifier. if you can please send us an email [email protected]


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