Monday, November 13, 2017

DIY 2000W High Power Amplifier 2SC5200 2SA1943

Power Amplifier circuit 2000W
Here I will share posts about power amplifier with high power that can generate power up to 2000Watt or 2kW. Also, before I publish a power amplifier with high power that is almost same with 1600W High Power Amplifier. The same power amplifier using the final transistor with 2SC5200 and 2SA1943 is good enough and powerful to drive 2 pieces of 18-inch 8 Ohm speakers. The difference is quite clear on the speaker protector, for power 2000W is not equipped with a speaker protector you can add it yourself to this circuit Audio Speaker Protector using IC555. And for the power supply is also wider ranging from 45Volt to 75Volt DC Symmetrical. This power amplifier is stereo 1000W x 2 but its bridge tie load (BTL) so the output power have 2000W RMS.

Below the schematic of 2000W power amplifier circuit:
High Power Amplifier Circuit 2000 Watt
Download PDF File schematic: 2000W Power Amplifier Schematic.PDF

Buy Transistor 2SC5200 2SA1943 !

Resistor 1/4W
10R x2, 100R x8, 1k5 x2, 1k x8, 2k7 x4, 4k7 x4, 6k8 x4, 10k x8, 12k x8, 33k x4, 68k x4, 100k x 2, 5k Trimpot x2
Resistor 1/2W
10R x 28, 150R x 2
Resistor 2W
2K2 x 4, 22R x 4, 47R x 4, 10R x 2
Resistor 5W
0R22 - 0R5 x 28
1N x 4, 100N x 6, 10uF/50V x 10uF/100V x 4, 22uF/50V x 2, 100uF/25V x 4, 100N/275V x 2
1N4148 x20, 1N4007 x 8, ZD15V / 12V x 4
2N5401 x 2, 2N5551 x 2, MJE340 x 4, MJE 350 x 2, A1837/ A1306/ B1186 x 2, C4793/ C3298/ D1763 x 2
Final Transistor
2SA1941/ A1941/ 2SA1943/ A1943 x 14 ,2SC5198/ C5198/ 2SC5200/ C5200 x 14
4558 x 2

Power Supply
45V - 75V DC Symmetrical

PCB Layout Design
PCB High Power Amplifier 2000W circuit

PCB BTL 2000W Power Amplifier

VIDEO Assembling step by step

VIDEO Tested 2000Watt Power Amplifier with Subwoofer Speaker

Electronic Circuit is a good site for hobbyist also who would like to try DIY because it shared good circuits. If you have a personalized circuit requirement you may feel free to request it through the comment box or contact me.


send me the pcb layout and schemetics at

Hello Ola, you can download pcb at the image on post.

Sir I want this circuit 2000w Apmlifre. But how

how many volt and amp is the transformer that you use

its just test im using 5A Transformer 35V, you must use 75VDC minimum 20A to get 2kW Amplifier

como puedo conseguir el impreso por favor envienme lo al correo gracias estare avisando como me va... saludos desde colombia.

how many volt vac transformer and capacitor should be used

pls sir in need speaker protector circuit with signal,clip and protect indicator I will be grateful sir

please sir how many volt vac transformer and capacitor should be used

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The parts listed are for one channel or two channels?kindly send me the price for the PCB of this 2000 watts high power amplifier i want two of them and my email is kindly sir

you can use up to 75VAC 20A and use with minimum capacitance of capacitors is 10000uF/100V

you can search on this site and type you need.

the part listed for two channel, you can buy the pcb by writing on contact us page.

Just a correction from your parts list 100nf/275v are 6 not 2 but 100nf/100v are 2 not 6.and 47pf and 220pf are of what voltage because they are not listed but they are there in the circuit kindly sir.I realy like your job man.have you ever thought of trading with Kenya because we really suffer of having genuine and ariginal components especially the resistors and final transistors including MOSFETs?you can open for us one in Kenya and would be a great deal Mr.RAMADHON.Think about it.

Hello Juma Kennedy,

thanks for your suggestion, for the part you mentioned is true there is a mistake in writing. Is in kenya quite difficult for the component you mentioned? I might have a solution for that.

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what do you think?because i think doing so can really boost your business not only interms of selling the components but also in so many ways.what is going to happen to the diagram or the amplifier now that there is that problem in wiring?should i ommit the the parts not listed or just include because may it was just amatter of forgeting?help me there.for the business am dead serious because you can realy help us so kindly give it a try.

How much 2000 watts amplifier

How much 2000 watts amplifier

how many volt are the 47pf and 220pf capacitors

I Dont sell this power amplifier, but you can build it.

sir i can't fine clip,,signal & protect indicator for power amplifier please ii need this for my diy power amplifier

hi i really like your work. how much is a 20000w class d car amplifie pcb with part list and parts shipped to south africa

I like that
I use mono 1000w woofer.
Can i use 75v 10A power supply
for 12 pair of transistor.

How can we contact you

Sir my mosfet 2000 watt and speaker wire touching and 2 channel are dead pleas solution and arranged 2000 watt channel pls sir give me suggestions

Pls send PCB layout my email

Sir plz this is power 65-0-65 or only 75 -0 plz help me