Monday, October 31, 2016

50W Class-B power amplifier circuit

50W class b power amplifier circuit

Power amplifier Class-B is the most popular operating modes, and possibly more than 99% of the current series of power amplifier designed and manufactered are of this class. Defining the Class-B is the amount of bias voltage that causes conduction of both output devices to overlap with the current and thus produce the minimum amount possible crossover distrosi.
high power amplifier class-B
This Class-B power amplifier performance :
Power Output________________________ 50W
RL Impedance_______________________ 8R
Distortion__________________________ Below 0.0006% at 1 kHz and 50W/8R
Slew rate___________________________ Approximately 35V/us
Noise______________________________ -91dBu at the output
EIN_______________________________ -117dBu (referred to input)
Frequency response__________________ +0, -0.5dB over 20Hz-20kHz
Part List :

R16,R17__________________________0.1R 5W
R18______________________________10R 5W
PR1______________________________1K trim

C1_______________________________ 10uF
C2_______________________________ 220uF
C3_______________________________ 100pF
C4_______________________________ 4u7F
C5_______________________________ 1uF
C6_______________________________ 100nF 400V
C7_______________________________ 15pF
C7,C8____________________________ 100nF
C8,C10___________________________ 220uf

D1_______________________________ 1N4148

Tr1,Tr3,TR5,TR14__________________ MPSA56
Tr4,Tr10,Tr13______________________ MPSA06
Tr6_______________________________ MJE340
Tr7_______________________________ MJ802
Tr8_______________________________ MJE350
Tr9_______________________________ MJ4502

Sunday, October 30, 2016

TDA1554HQ Hi-Fi Power Amp

TDA1554HQ Hi-Fi Power Amp

TDA1554HQ Hi-Fi Power Amp IC Power that is is simple, easy and cheap. The output power is 22W (THD 10%) by channel (Bridged) at load (Speaker) 2 Ohm. which certainly did not disappoint the sound, treeble not sensitizing the ear (soft) and mid powerful.

Schematic TDA1554HQ  Power Amp :
Schematic TDA1554HQ  Power Amp
Note: pin labeled N.C. is Not Connected or Not Connected (anywhere).

Supply voltage must not exceed 18Vdc, or IC is not going to work (probably will burn). and 17V is quite safe and appropriate use Heatsink (quite big)  or use a cooling fan so that IC is working optimally.

PCB Layout :
pcb TDA1554HQ  Power Amp

PCB Layout design TDA1554hq

KIT PCB Layout design TDA1554hq

High End 500W power Amplifier Open Air

High End power amplifier is the most circuit that searching for Qualiaty Sound and performance its power amplifier. This High End 500W power Amplifier Open Air , the meaning of open air is power amplifier very matching for outdoor sound, that the sound is open to air. So every people can listening on long range. Power amplifier using Transistor Sanken as A Final Transistor the serial is 2SC2922 and 2SA1216. Power Supply voltage need + - 50Volt DC. This circuit diagram and PCB Kit for High End 500W power Amplifier Open Air.

Schematic Diagram
Schematic diagram 500W Amplifier open air
 Kit PCB
PCB Layout High End Power Amplifier

Circuit power on schematic diagram is mono amplifier, so if you need a stereo power amplifier you just multiple circuit to as you need. For final transistor Q5,Q6,Q7,Q8 = 2SC2922 , and Q10,Q11,Q12,Q13 =  2SA1216. Place the final transistor into alumunium plat cooler. And if you need stereo power amplifier see this diagram for component placement and wiring circuit.

Power Amplifier Stereo Wiring Circuit

Saturday, October 29, 2016

400W Power Amplifier Sanken C2922 A1216

Power amplifier circuit using transistor Sanken NPN C2922 / 2SC2922 , PNP A1216 / 2SA1216 as a final transistor or transistor booster. By using 4 Set transistor and power supply voltage about 70 Volt DC, this power amplifier have output power 400W RMS @ 8Ohm. See Schematic diagram of 400W Power Amplifier :

400W Power Amplifier Sanken C2922 A1216
Part List Power Amplifier :

R1 = 2K7
R2,30 = 33K
R7,8,9,10,26,27 = 100 Ohm
R3,4,13,14 = 150 Ohm
R5,6,11,12 = 2K2
R15.17 = 22K
R15,18 = 270 Ohm
R19 = 1K
R20,25 = 390 Ohm
R21,24 = 18K
R22 = 3K3
R23 = 1K5
R28,29 = 330 Ohm
R31 = 180 Ohm / 1W
R32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39 = 0,22 Ohm / 5W
R48 49 = 10 Ohm / 2W
VR = 1K

C1 = 2u2F MKP
C2 = 330pF
C3,4 = 100uF/100V
C5,6,9,12,14,16 ,18= 0.1uF/400V
C8 = 47uF/50V
C11,13 = 100pF
C15,17 = 1000uF / 80V

D1,2,3 = 1N4007

TR1,2,7,8 = BC546
TR3,4,5,6 = BC556
TR9,14 =  B649
TR11,12,10 = D669
TR13 = TIP41
TR15 = TIP42
TR16,17,18,19 = C2922 / 2SC2922
TR20,21,22,23 = A1216 / 2SA1216

Final Transistor 400W Amplifier
Sanken NPN C2922 / 2SC2922 , PNP A1216 / 2SA1216
Note ; For TR10 place at allumunium plate that beside final transistor. Or you can follow this transistor placement.
Transistor Booster Amplifier

Mosfet Power Amplifier 100W RMS 8 Ohm

Mosfet power amplifier circuit with power output 100W RMS at 8 Ohm and 150W RMS at 4 Ohm. Power Supply Voltage + - 50VDC. Sensitivity input 1V RMS. Final Mosfet transistor using K1058 and J162

Schematic Diagram of 100W Mosfer Power Amplifier Circuit :Mosfet Power Amplifier 100W RMS 8 Ohm

Part List :
R1__________ 2K2
R2,3_________ 47K
R4,5_________ 3K9
R6__________ 1K
R7__________ 33K
R8,10,11_____ 100 Ohm
R9__________ 12K
R12_________ 47 Ohm
R13,14______ 560 Ohm
R15_________ 10 Ohm / 2W
R16_________ 10 Ohm / 2W + L 10uH
VR__________ 1K

C1__________ 2u2F/MPK4
C2__________ 220pF
C3__________ 47uF/NP
C4,10,11,12___ 0.1uF
C5__________ 10N
C6,7________ 33pF
C8,9________ 220uF

D1_________ 1N4007

TR1,2______ A872
TR3,4______ D667
TR5________ B647
TR6________ K1058
TR7________ J162

Use quality component's including the Mosfet Transistor . For More performance on its power amp circuit.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Active Subwoofer Circuit TL082 / TL072 / 4558

Active Subwoofer Circuit TL082 / TL072 / 4558

The circuit is slightly different to circuit collection subwoofer filter circuit or boost that has been elcircuit share with you. Such as :

Parts Active Subwoofer Circuit

This is circuit of Active Subwoofer Circuit by using x4 IC TL082 or you can using equivalent IC 4558 / JRC4558D / JRC4558 / TL072.  The active subwoofer function to filtering bass tones (Low) and add settings for low tones frequency ranging from 20Hz up to 70Hz on audio signal input output, the settings contained in the pot stereo that you can see in the picture circuit schematic. And setting the subwoofer volume contained in the pot mono.

Schematic diagram Active Subwoofer Circuit

List components to make it active subwoofer filter:
  • R 300 = 300 Ohm  1/4 W x 3
  • R 1k   = 1 K Ohm 1/2 W x1
  • R 3k3 = 3k3 Ohm 1/4 W x 3
  • R 10k = 10K Ohm 1/4 W x 4
  • R 47k = 47K ohm 1/4 W x 6
  • C 56n x2
  • C 100n x 2
  • C 330n x2 ( or you can replace 440n to enhancing bass )
  • C 2u2 = 2,2uF / 25V or higher
  • POT 50K Mono x1 ( Potentiometer / Variable Resistor )
  • POT 50K Stereo x1 ( Potentiometer / Variable Resistor )
  • IC using TL082 / TL072 / 4558 / JRC4558D x4
This PCB design for you DIY'ers, make it for your audio subwoofer system. This circuit compatible with any power amplifier circuit. You can apply for home audio, car subwoofer, and other.
PCB Subwoofer Filter Crossover circuit

PCB Active Subwoofer Circuit

PCB Layout Active Subwoofer Circuit

Actually, I also sell and you can buy  DIY Kit for this Active Subwoofer Circuit TL082 / TL072 / 4558, but I am limited by shipping to worldwide.

Active Subwoofer

Active Subwoofer [VIDEO]

750W Mono Power Amplifier Schematic and PCB

Hello diy'ers i will post about high power amplifier circuit complete PCB Layout design, i'm already making this power amplifier that have output power about 750W mono , and if stereo this power amplifier have output power 1500 Watt. Based on transistor as an amplfying audio signal then amplified signal will operating speaker's. This schematic diagram and pcb layout for 750W Mono Power Amplifier .

750W Mono Power Amplifier Schematic diagram
Circuit power amplifiers above strengthened by the transistor comprises of transistor buffer , driver, and final transistor.

Buffer transistor on the Transistor A564 , C828, A1837 , C4793.
Buffer transistor on the Transistor A564 , C828, A1837 , C4793

Driver Transistor using C5200 and A1943 ( Datasheet C5200 A1943 )
Transistor using C5200 and A1943

Final stage Transistor using C3264 A1295 / 2SC3264 2SA1295
C3264 A1295 / 2SC3264 2SA1295

For Power Supply using 63VDC that can give ouput power about 750 Watt RMS. This power amplifier circuit can drive 12" -15" subwoofer or woofer speakers about 300-500W. Dont forget to give speaker protection circuit on the output power amplifier , it can usefull if ouput short circuit occurs.

PCB Layout 750W Mono Power Amplifier

PCB Power Amplifier 750W Mono

PCB Layout Power Amplifier 750W

PCB 750W Mono Power Amplifier, sorry im just using very poor camera phone, So that the line is not clearly. But this PCB is already to assemble with components.
PCB 750W Mono Power Amplifier

DIY KIT 750W power amplifier with final transistor sanken 2SC2922 2SA1216 , driver transistor C4468 A1695 D1763 B1186 .
DIY 750W power ammplifier kit

DIY KIT 750W power amplifier with final transistor sanken 2SC2922 2SA1216 , driver transistor C4468 A1695 D1763 B1186 .

800 Watt power amplifier OCL

Different from 800W high power amplifier using MOSFET this Circuit 800 Watt power amplifier OCL works with class AB, which generated power efficiency can reach 85 percent. The power amplifier circuit including amplifiers that have high output power, so that the amplifier circuit is very suitable for outdoor use and must use a loudspeaker that corresponds to power this circuit. While the necessary working voltage is symmetrical voltage ± 70 Volt.

High output power can be generated for some of the accumulated power from the final amplifier transistor arranged in parallel. It will certainly make a distinct advantage compared to only use a single transistor amplifier end only.

Schematic 800 Watt power amplifier OCL
800 Watt power amplifier OCL

Basically circuit 800 Watt power amplifier OCL is equivalent to OCL circuit in general, which uses differential circuit as the first front amplifier (Pre-Amp), and then confirmed by the driver and final amplifier section. What distinguishes only type of transistor used and some adjustments to the working voltage of each amplifier section.

As shown above circuit schematic drawings, prepared by the differential amplifier section transistor Q1, Q2, and Q3. This differential amplifier which will serve as a front amplifier (Pre-Amp) before entering the driver.At the final amplifier arranged in Darlington to get many a bigger gains.After that to produce strengthening higher again, the final amplifier transistor is added with some more transistors are arranged in parallel.

P1 trimpot potentiometer resistor that serves to regulate the working bias driver circuit. Later potentiometer P1 in the set to get the best sound (not disabled). Adjustment from potentiometer P1 will affect the sound quality from this amplifier circuit. Usually if the working voltage supplied to the transistor is too large, the sound will be more linear, but there will be hum, this will also make the final amplifier transistor becomes very hot and certainly if left long will damage the final amplifier transistor. Meanwhile, if the work mid (bias) the driver transistor is too small, usually resulting sound will be disabled.

A final amplifier arranged with several transistors in parallel there is a shortage, usually heat generated will be uneven, which heat will go to one or two points only transistor so that the heat from each transistor amplifier uneven end. Despite that, all the mandatory final amplifier transistor wearing enough cooling fins. Do not forget to also add the mica insulator transistor amplifier at each end of power amplifier circuit of this 800 Watt  OCL.

BTL Power Amplifier Circuit using IC TDA7265

Circuit power amplifier is requested to be made by the audio audience. There are various types of existing power amplifiers, one of which is BTL (Bridge Transformer Less). There are several advantages gained from BTL circuit, are power that can be double or doubled. as arranged in bridge or bridge power amplifier. 

A power amplifier BTL is like two power amplifier OTL. So suppose a power amplifier OTL has a power of 20 watts then if arranged in BTL will be about 50 watts.This time we will discuss with the power amplifier IC TDA 7265 serial. IC TDA, it is very often used for the power amplifier. TDA 7265 power amplifier circuit is a simple circuit power amplifier. BTL circuit is not used to filter the output capacitor for power is the basic circuit OCL system.

TDA 7265 power amplifier BTL circuit is like the following scheme
BTL Power Amplifier Circuit using IC TDA7265

IC of this type is the type of IC that requires a heatsink (cooler aluminum) because when you work this IC will be hot. Source voltage required to power this is about 15-20 volts.
The circuit scheme is very simple, but in terms of performance is pretty good, you can get around 25W when using a stereo circuit and 50W more when wearing his BTL circuit from TDA 7265. To get a good sound you can add a tone control on the part of the input for the power supply transformer 3 amps use only.

Happy experimenting

Active Speaker Power Amplifier

Active Speaker is an power amplifier that includes preamp, so you dont need other electronic audio additional item for pre amp , This is i have power amplifier that describe it, including Mic+Echo + Tone Control + Subwoofer Filter and main amplifier that have power output 150W RMS.
Active Speaker Power Amplifier
Line Input description :
Mic 1 and Mic 2 is input from Microphon
Tape in L/R is input from audio player.

Echo controller on potentiometer 50K Echo, echo processing on based circuit by using IC PT2399 (See fully Echo effect with IC PT2399 & 4558) , Subwoofer Controller at potentio meter that is Vol Sub you can using 50K Ohms. Power Amplifier using Transistor 2n3055 and mj2955 as a final stage transistor. Power Output about 150 Watt at 25V DC power supply voltage.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Best car audio setup for Sound Quality

Best car audio setup for Sound quality

Before we setup for the car audio good sound quality we must pay attention items needed with good quality, the following tips :

Tip's Sound Quality maximize the car audio
First is replacing the standard head unit. Where the manufacturer only makes head unit, as a complement to the dashboard your car. So to you who are serious listening to music audio quality systems.

  • Replacing the head unit car with aftermarket products, is the right choice. 
  • Because from is quite complete in terms of features. 
  • To support the quality of the stereo system. 
  • Functions such as active crossovers, can be adjusted to the acoustics of the car. 
  • Sound Menu Retriver, to help improve the quality of the recording from the MP3 format. 
  • Menu to adjust bass, treble and fader.
  • 5 Band Equalizer you can choose according to your taste of music, such as Pop / Classic / Jazz and Custom. 

The main obstacle for bring sound quality, in addition to audio devices, is a acoustics factor for the car's interior .Car interior , less well in the process of diffusion or absorption of sound waves. Glass that can reflect sound waves to frequency, one alternative is to buy a head unit that has a processor, Digital Time Alightment.

However the price from head unit can be costly. For that there are other solutions. Using dampers in each corner of the car's interior. Or install the stand speakers and tweeters, overlooking audience. Thus staging focused sound that lies ahead. Where to hear the voice of the ideal, is a vowel must be right in depan.Musik Bridesmaids were behind.

Car audio package for Sound Quality
Buy a package for car audio sound Quality, is the right choice .Because manufacturer, have to adjust the power capacity it takes. for the audio device.Package consists of the audio amplifier. The function of the amplifier, is giving a bigger power output. So that the speaker and Subwoofer maximize. Amplifier is also intended to set the frequency of the acoustic sound.

Speakers that ideal for car audio Sound Quality
Speakers for car audio is a main factor in addition to the head unit. Because the signal audible sound waves from speakers. Speakers generally consist from split and coaxial type.
Keep the speaker terminals are not stuck in the car body. Because it will cause the sound does not work. Tweeter should be mounted on the the dashboard to the left and right, to get a position the ideal high tone voice.

I will present with my project setup car audio for best sound quality see image and video below:

Wiring Schematics for Audio Input Output form head unit to Car amplifier
car audio sq

car audio setup sq

car subwoofer sound quality sq

 car audio setup for Sound Quality

300W High Power Amplifier Circuit

This high power amplifier circuit with using transistor was designed to provide a manipulate in lieu of the otherwise useless TO3 power transistors with the purpose of many hobbyists experience at home their throw out megabucks.  With upright construction the module is gifted of tall quality performance and is rated to 300 watts into a 4 ohm load depending on power supply.  With the driver and output transistors specified it is some degree of to DC rails of +/- 70 volts.

300W High Power Amplifier Circuit Schematic
300W High Power Amplifier
Circuit Diagram
300W High Power Amplifier Layout PCB Design
PCB layout 300W high power amplifier
300W High Power Amplifier PCB
300W High Power Amplifier PCB

Monday, October 24, 2016

Assemble Mini Power Amp TDA2050

Maybe anyone want assemble a mini amps for rooms audio? IC-Amp TDA2050 maybe this one can be a choice. besides the price is very affordable as well sound produced can spoil our ears. said the IC-Amp TDA2050 one is a rival LM1875 (though still better LM1875). This circuit scheme and pcb layout :

Assemble Mini Power Amp TDA2050

Power amp output 30W,with VCC around 18vdc 2-3 Amper is enough for the speaker 4 "-6". although mini power amp but have good sounds.

Assemble tda2050 mini power amp

Other project TDA2050

Saturday, October 22, 2016

High-End Power Amplifier LME49810 2SC5200 2SA1943

High Power Amplifier LME49810 2SC5200 2SA1943

High-End Power Amplifier Circuit using ic LME49810 as a driver amplifier and using Transistor 2SC5200 2SA1943. LME49810 is a high fidelity audio power amplifier buffer driver. 

High-End Power Amplifier output power may be scaled by changing the power supply voltage and number of final stage transistors (Transistor Booster) . The LME49810 minimum output current is 50mA. When using a discrete output stage the LME49810 is capable of delivering in excess of 300 watts into a single-ended 8Ω load. 

Unique to the LME49810 is an internal Baker Clamp. This clamp insures that the amplifier output does not saturate when over driven. The resultant “soft clipping” of high level audio signals suppresses undesirable audio artifacts generated when conventional solid state amplifiers are driven hard into clipping. The LME49810 includes thermal shutdown circuitry that activates when the die temperature exceeds 150°C. The LME49810's has mute function, when activated, mutes the input drive signal and forces the amplifier output to a quiescent state.

High-End Power Amplifier LME49810 2SC5200 2SA1943 Circuit Diagram
High-End Power Amplifier LME49810 2SC5200 2SA1943 Circuit Diagram

TDA2050 Power Amplifier Circuit

TDA2050 Power Amplifier Circuit

TDA2050 Power Amplifier Circuit High output power, low distortion, HiFi power amplifier for your home audio system. Maximum output at 4 ohm speaker is 35 watts, while the 8 ohm speaker is only 15 watts. This circuit must use a good power supply so that the sound quality could be as expected.

Circuit Diagram TDA2050 Power Amplifier
TDA2050 Power Amplifier Circuit Schematic

IC TDA2050 power amplifier
Output 50W RMS(4 ohm) / 32WRMS (8hm ) Hi-Fi AUDIO POWER AMPLIFIER

List of components:
     Resistors 1, 2, 3, 4: 22K ohm
     5 resistor: 2.2 ohm
     Capacitor 1: 100uF/50V
     Capacitor 2: 2.2uf/50V
     Capacitor 3: 22uF/50V
     Capacitor 4: 0.47uF
     Capacitor 5: 1000uF/50V
     Capacitor 6: 100nF
     Capacitor 7: 1000uF/50V
     IC: TDA2050

Friday, October 21, 2016

TDA2005 Power Amplifier circuit

TDA2005 Power Amplifier circuit

There is a circuit of audio amplifer 80W as well, using IC TDA 2005 as a base circuit amplifier. The circuit of 2x40 Watt Audio Power Amplifier using TDA2005 can you see in the picture below.

TDA2005 2 X 40 Watt Power Amplifier

Technical Data:
Performance of TDA2005M:  2 x 40 watts (stereo) into 4 Ohms.
Distortion: Approx. 0.2% at 4 Watts into 4 ohm load.
Frequency Range: Approx. 20 Hz to 22 KHz.
Input Sensitivity: Approx. maximum 150 mV rms. .
Power supply: + 8 to 18 volts, approx. 3.5 Amps maximum per channel.