Saturday, March 11, 2017

Power Amplifier 450W Mono

I have a Project making home audio and karaoke, I could order for audio by using one 12 inch Full range speakers and one subwoofer speaker 12 inch. im using this Power Amplifier 450W Mono Circuit is matched for my previous project Tone Control C828 + Sub and Mic Pre amp 4558. See Circuit schematic power amplifier 450W :

Power Amplifier 450W Mono

List of components you can see in the picture, for my power supply voltage using asymmetric 35Vdc, transformer 5a brands ERA 1 piece diode bridge, and two capacitors 10000uF / 50V.

Power Amplifier Instalation 

High power amplifier driver instalation

In the existing circuit on the PCB is a circuit of drivers, and for the final transistor I put in the cooler parts of alumuninum. Final tansistor im using TIP3055 and TIP2955 you can upgrade to Sanken 2SC2922 / 2SA1216 , driver TIP41 and TIP42. This 450W Power Amplifier namely Power Sapari. 


  1. Did you check this amplifier practically...? is it have 450W..?

  2. Wahyu your power amp diagram so small, unreadable it's either you want to share it or hide it....

  3. Yes image is too blurry to read


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