Monday, January 23, 2017

TDA2030 make for Subwoofer Amplifier Circuit

TDA2030 is a widely used 14W audio power amplifier monolithic integrated circuit in Pentawatt [ package, intended for use as a low-frequency class AB amplifier. However, some home theater prototype came with TDA2030 design has a problem of low volume. There are ways to increase the subwoofer performance that uses TDA2030A design.

TDA2030 make for subwoofer amplifier circuit

Updated Schematic TDA2030 Subwoofer Amplifier adding voltage regulator 7815 and 7915 for supply voltage subwoofer filter:

TDA2030 Subwoofer amplifier using 4558 filter subwoofer

TDA2030 Subwoofer Amplifier Circuit Diagram

TDA2030 make for Subwoofer Amplifier Circuit

Increase subwoofer performance By Adding subwoofer filter 4558 and changing resistor

Some circuit board designs usually soldered a 10K or less value resistor in place of default 22K recommended by the 2030 designers. Use 22K or more instead of 10K to increase the gain thereby reducing the bypass of input to ground. (input should be noise free) However, the increasing gain over the recommended value may result in overheating the IC unless you have best heat control methods. And adding subwoofer filter 4558 can filtering subwoofer audio signal input.

Layout PCB Subwoofer Amplifier TDA2030 complete voltage regulator 7815 and 7915 for subwoofer filter 4558:
Layout PCB Subwoofer amplifier TDA2030 and 4558TDA2030 Amplifier complete Subwoofer Filter 4558 PCBTDA2030 Amplifier Circuit and 4558 Subwoofer circuit complete
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See complete circuit on this video:


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    1. hello ashik,

      yes its true the TDA need heatsink cause it very hot for working subwoofer speaker system, need more power.

  2. Wonder full and study related circuit diagram.... I prowood of you.....

    1. Big thanks for you chirag,

      If you have any question, please tell me that you want.

  3. hello sir..
    Can you suggest me a circuit for 10W sub woofer(mono)??

  4. do i need to make any changes in the circuit, coz in the circuit it uses 40w speaker but I have a 10w speaker.

    1. You can lowering the source voltage input power amplifier from 20Vdc into 15VDC

  5. TDA2030L & D1875 CAN BE USED?


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