Friday, April 01, 2016

Pre-Amp Mic with Tone Control

Here I will present the electronic circuit amplifier mic or mic pre-amp complete with tone-control circuits such as bass, treebel, gain, too effect, and pan. Mic pre-amp circuit is basically on IC NE4558 as the main amplifier. The resulting sound is quite subtle, not so loud. But it remains in a clear audio quality. 

Pre-Amp Mic with Tone Control Circuit Diagram

Pre-Amp Mic with Tone Control Circuit diagram

Pre-amp mic circuit above using two ICs ne4558, which serves to strengthen the signal from the mic and treated with several tone control. Pre-Amp Mic circuit need voltage power supply about 12 - 15 VDC Asymmetric.

Need Power Amplifier Circuit , see here :
2800W Power Amplifier Circuit
2N3055 Power Amplifier Circuit

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please give me the link oh component placement guide..or pcb

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