Monday, December 12, 2011

OTL 100W Power Amplifier [2N3055]

This is Circuit Power Amp OTL 100W Amplifier by transistor 2N3055. It easy to build because normal circuit power amp OTL. To use power supply 98V 5A. Out put power 100W at Speaker 8 OHM or 120W : 4OHM.
OTL 100W Power Amplifier [2N3055]
OTL 100W Power Amplifier [2N3055]

Thursday, December 01, 2011

TDA2004 Audio Power Amplifier

TDA2004 Audio Power Amplifier

See this circuit diagram below TDA2004 Audio Power Amplifier :

circuit diagram TDA2004 Audio Power Amplifier

Datasheet IC TDA2004
Vcc                = 8-18 V
Pout               = 2X 12 W
RL                  = 2 Ohm
Ft                   = 20hz - 20Khz
Icco                = 65 mA
Package         = SIP1-11
Manufactered = SGS-ATES

Other IC TDA2004 , In this circuit power amplifier you can use the following IC :

Equivalent IC TDA2004