Sunday, August 20, 2017

3000 Watts Power Amplifier Class D Mosfet IRFP260 / IRFP4227

3000W CLass D Power Amplifier Circuit

3000W (3kW) Class D Power Amplifier Project using IC IR2110, CD4049 (HEF4049/HCF4049), NE555, LM311, and Op-Amp Comparator TL071 as the main stage amplifier, the driver stage using BD140/BD139 or you can use any driver stage power amplifier transistors. The Final Stage Amplifier using 4 x Mosfet Transistor IRFP260 or you can use IRFP250 / IRFP460 / IRFP4227. And do not forget to lose the importance of the LPF Filter.

The advantages of this high power amplifier are:

  • Strong Bass Boost, not Saggy
  • Secondary comfortable bias voltage (can be AC (transformer) / DC (adapter))
  • Highly Efficient Rail - Stack Layout
  • Oversized Heatsink & Output Coil (not easy saturation)
  • Pulse Resolution Adjust Enable
Below the Circuit Diagram of 3000W Class D Amplifier includes PCB Layout design:

3000W High Power Amplifier Class D Gambit
Component List
Resistors 1/4W: 4R7 x 2, 10R x 5, 100R x1, 47R x 4, 1K x 8, 4K7 x 4, 100K x 3.
Resistors 1W: 22R x 2
Resistors 2W:10R x 1 , 1K5 x 1, 6K8 x 2, 0R1 x 3, 12Kx 2
Varistor: 10K x 1

Capacitors: 1N x 3, 10N x 1, 100N x 9, 10uF/16V x1, 10uF/50V x 1, 100uF/16V x 4, 220uF/16V x 1, 330uF/16V x 2, 470uF 100V x2, 470N/250V x1, 100N/275V x1, 680N/400V x1, 220N/275V x 2, 220pF x 2.

Diode's:  1N4148 x5, 1N5819 x4, MUR460 x2, MUR860/460 x 1, Red LED x 1, Blue LED x1

Transistors/ ICs:TL071 x1, NE555 x1, LM311 x1, CD4049 x1, IR2110 x1, 2N5401 x 1, BD139 x2, BD140 x2, MOSFET IRFP4227/250.

L Core: 130/157 22uH - 30uH

PCB Layout Design
PCB Layout Powerful Amplifier Class D

For the High-Resolution image to view a clear schematic diagram and PCB Layout design you can download here:

 Below is my Project of this High Power Amplifier, will be updated if it finished.
High POwer AMplifier CLass D Circuit

3000W Class D Project Gambit

This other video from my High Power Amplifier Class D 1k2 Watts so powerful with bass test:

Electronic Circuit is a good site for hobbyist also who would like to try DIY because it shared good circuits. If you have a personalized circuit requirement you may feel free to request it through the comment box or contact me.


Hello sir can i purchase class d 3000 amp pcb and all component ? Please reply me. My mailbid is

Hello sir, yes you can buy the pcb and components. i will sent you an email.

Can you give me a clear schematic of Class D 3000W Gambit?

you can download the high resolution of schematic and pcb layout at the links on google drive.