Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Super Bass Amplifier LM3886

LM3886 ic original
Super Bass amplifier circuit LM3886 is a series of medium power amplifiers are used to amplify the tone super bass ( subwoofer ) in the room. Super Bass Amplifier circuit LM3886 can be used to drive low-power Subwoofer speaker . Super Bass Amplifier LM3886 circuit can generate power 68 watts RMS at 8 Ohm load subwoofer speakers . Super Bass Amplifier circuit LM3886 is built using LM3886 power amplifier IC and an operational amplifier ( Op - Amp ) NE5532 to build a network of active filter super low tone ( subwoofer ) . To create a Super Bass Amplifier circuit LM3886 can be seen as the components used by the image

superbass circuit schematic lm3886

Active low pass filter circuit on the circuit Super Bass Amplifier LM3886 is built using a series of operational amplifier ( op-amp ) NE5532 IC configured as a cross-over active subwoofer . The audio signal output from the subwoofer crossover and then amplified by the power amplifier gain clone IC LM3886 to drive the subwoofer speaker . LM3886 power amplifier IC circuit on the circuit Super Bass Amplifier LM3886 supplied with DC voltage source symmetrical ± 25 volts with a current 6A . Super Bass Amplifier LM3886 circuit in the image above is complete with power supply circuit with 15V voltage stabilizer 7815 and 7915

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