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700W Power Amplifier with 2SC5200, 2SA1943

700W Amplifier Adjust the amplifier power 700W looks calm, but we requirement not put out of your mind to the adjustment happening forcing transistors, the whole relating to-engagement of frequency offset. It is compulsory to change the current insurance rule which serves to guard the final transistors.

Their tendency to happen allowable to keep the transistors in the SOAR characteristics. primary it was needed to evaluate all the necessary resistors and subsequently measured to verify the accuracy of the calculations, it is managed with satisfactory results.

Peripheral changes required in support of it to be there able to consistently amplifier to supply power. - First you need to restore the 2k2 resistors stylish string with the LEDs on Zenerovými resistors with upper wattage. be enough 1/2W resistors, power loss next to 80V +-based 1W. - therefore was traded 1k2 resistor in the pointer resistor by the side of 620 ohms. 

700W Power Amplifier with 2SC5200, 2SA1943
700W Power Amplifier with 2SC5200, 2SA1943 Circuit Diagram
Which is the initial reap has doubled, so at this point is the overall gain amplifier 40 and the limit excitation is sufficient to 1V rms. - Předbudiči transistors were replaced by stronger MJE15032/33 since KF467/470 are permitted satellite dish current 20mA - by the side of the exciter output stages are used the same transistors for example the output stage. - add up to of terminals of transistors has been increased to eight pairs - It had to occur to compensate designed for the excitation level by calculation a capacitor 10pF to 47pF + 22K appendage.

This led to a slight "gradual" amplifiers, but this did not affect the ensuing parameters. This power is tuned correctly in support of this type of terminal transistors 2SA1943/2SC5200. 

With with the purpose of it is a least assessment next to which the amplifier operates stably exclusive of pass by the side of the rising and falling edges of the genuine. - The ultimate adjustment, the adjustment terminal current protection transistor.

The final transistor characteristics shows with the intention of the most allowable radio dish current once the voltage of 1.5 A is ideal in favor of cooling, so it's essentially not as much of. Therefore, the current protection is customary to 12A, single-arm.

This impersonate protection SOAR transistor characteristics. curt-circuit current is regarding 6 A which is about 075A for every transistor. This is far beneath the SOAR characteristics. The mechanical design is relatively clear-cut, the transistors are placed on the two cooling profiles with a height of 66 mm, width 44mm, overall part 260mm.

They are twisted contrary to each one other in this way, from the cooling tunnel. Coolers are attaching the nylon aid which allows the compilation of transistors exclusive of washers, and thus better conveying tepla.DPS amplifier next to the top of the tunnel and the transistors are soldered from the underside of PCB.

700W pcb power amplifier

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i made it .45v 10amp dc volt . power filter is 100 v 1000uf 4 pic capasitor . when i use Ac series bord Amplyfire playing good. But if i plug in direct ac fuse is cut after 5 scened.all ware is good . speaker is 15 inc jbl.can't understand what is the problem.hitstic is normal hot. everything is nice if i use electric bulb seris bord .

How much volt and amp transformer i can use ?
Which capacitor i can use for power filter ?

Amazing ,, its normally power amplifier.

What the value number of Fuse Ampere?

for this power amplifier i recomennded using 75VDC - 95VDC you can using capacitor for power filter 4x 10000uF 100V or higher capacitance.

How about what kind of diodes are used??

I think must Use soft stat circuit for power supply.

its true, and recomended using soft start for power supply circuit. you can search here for soft start circuit.

90DCV will work on this circuit? I have 33 - 0 - 33 then if rectified the DCV goes 90dc. Please reply if is okay

Yes you an use it 30vdc up to 90vdc