Monday, March 13, 2017

Subwoofer booster circuit with PCB Layout

Subwoofer booster circuit is used to enhancing or boosting or increase the subwoofer amplifier, but it also can improve the quality of the bass sound on an amplifier or High Power Amplifier. Subwoofer booster circuit/bass enhancer circuit based on the IC 4558 and TL074 or commonly known as IC op-amp, it's suitable to be a boosting in subwoofer system, which together with some components.

Subwoofer booster circuit
Subwoofer booster circuit
Part List Subwoofer booster circuit:
R1=22K, R2=100K, R3=220R, R4=220R, R5=220R, R6=10K, R7=4K7, R8=1K, R9=20KTrim, R10=150K, R11=22K, R12=20K Trim, R13=4K7, R14=2K2, R15=220R, R16=220R, R17=180K, R18=22K, C1=4u7/25V, C2=10uF/25V, C3=220uF/25V, C4=220uF/25V, C5=1n2, C6=47n, C7=47n, C8=100n, C9=100n, C10=4u7/25V, C11=330uF/25V, C12=330uF/25V, IC1=JRC4558, IC2=TL074

    For this subwoofer booster/enhancer circuit using voltage of 12 V +, 12V -, and ground. To be in accordance with the power of the speakers and amplifiers, the Subwoofer booster circuit/subwoofer enhancer is also equipped with a subwoofer volume setting on the R9 and R12 use 20 K ohm trim. Issued a circuit of subwoofer output is quite high, making it suitable for some speakers.

    Updated Circuit and PCB Layout Subwoofer Booster using 4558 and TL072:

    subwoofer using ic 4558 tl072

    PCB Layout subwoofer booster 4558 tl072

    Layout Subwoofer BoosterPCB Subwoofer Booster

    You can use this subwoofer audio amplifier:

    Luck for your Audio System

    Electronic Circuit is a good site for hobbyist also who would like to try DIY because it shared good circuits. If you have a personalized circuit requirement you may feel free to request it through the comment box or contact me.


    is -12v connected to ground ?

    no is asymetric power supply needed

    can u give me a description about the connection board

    can u give me a description about the connection board

    can u give me a description about the connection board

    No i dont have image about the board

    Please send me the pbc layout in my Gmail account

    i dont have pcb layout for this subwoofer booster circuit

    thanks you for your valuable information

    In sub woofer booster circuit component ....IC2=TL074 .... some ic number missing so pls help me frds

    In a number IC2=TL074 there some no missing...i need full no and details about IC2=TL074

    In a sub woofer booster circuit components ........ R9& R12 are timmer resistance or timmer capacitor me

    hello sorry for the eror's on the schematic, i'm updated the schematic include pcb layout for subwoofer booster

    hello ebin, you can see clearly schematic circuit diagram subwoofer booster on end post. if you have proteus, you can download the schematic and layout for more detail connection board.

    you can see now, the pcb laout subwoofer booster.

    download lingk error

    if you want to download proteus file, please sign in google account before.

    I can't saw a photo in this post

    I can't saw a photo in this post

    can you plz explain what is the function of VR1 and VR2

    the vr 1 and vr2 is for adjusting frequency low pass filter. is abaout 50hz - 150hz

    Mas Wahyu yg ganteng, saya dah bikin tuh rangkaian. Saya punya speaker aktif 2.1. Dah saya pasangin giga bass sebelum tone control tp saya belum puas di subwoofernya. Kalau mau saya pasang di speaker aktif saya, urutannya gimana mas?

    setelah tone control, seblum power mas.